Serious complaint by Jorge Macri regarding the vaccination campaign: what is it about?

Jorge Macri

Jorge Macri, mayor of Vicente Lopez and referent of Together for Change in the province of Buenos Aires, was this Monday night in TN and held a serious complaint according to the Bell from coronavirus vaccination, by stating that the government he regulated the number of doses he applied per day so as not to run out of vaccines.

The mayor criticized the management of the pandemic: “Now more vaccines are arriving, but if more vaccines arrive and the vaccination sites are the same amount as before, we are going to vaccinate slowly, and this is something that should not happen again. He has been vaccinated slowly. Argentina never ran out of vaccines, because that was a title that the Government avoided, because it constantly regulated the amount of vaccines per day ”.

“If there were fewer vaccines, they lowered the vaccination rate. Every day that someone does not get vaccinated, it is one more person who can get sick and 40 days later it is someone who can die. We can not wait. That is why this morning, the mayors of the PRO of the province of Buenos Aires once again put ourselves at the disposal of the government of the province ”, he added.

Jorge Macri expanded the initiative that the Dorrego Group mayors had: “It is a good time, since more vaccines are coming, so that they continue to vaccinate in the places that they have already prepared, assembled and where they are activating the vaccine, and that they leave us to us also take advantage of primary care centers, nurses, doctors, to move fast. We promise not to put up any posters, if they want we will put up the posters of the provincial government and nothing else ”.

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“It is not political use. We have a State with professional and physical capacity, space and human resources trained to vaccinate. Give us vaccinations. We can triple the rate of vaccination. The mayors already made this account. The mayors of Together for Change, with the resources we have, in a month we can vaccinate 2.4 million people. Without spending an extra peso, with the resources we have ”, completed the mayor of Vicente López.

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