Speed Limit Rising to 60 MPH on More Area Highways

Fairfield Mankato Leader

(Mankato, MN) – Nine more two-lane highway segments in south central Minnesota will have speed limit increases from 55 miles per hour to 60 miles per hour by the end of the year.

The sections of highway which will have increased speed limits are:

  • Highway 4 from I-90 (Sherburn) to Sleepy Eye
  • Highway 14 from Highway 71 to New Ulm
  • Highway 15 from the Iowa border to Winthrop
  • Highway 19 from Fairfax to Gaylord
  • Highway 19 east of New Prague to Highway 13
  • Highway 22 from Iowa border to Mankato
  • Highway 59 from Iowa to Highway 60
  • Highway 62 from Fulda to Windom
  • Highway 109 from Wells to Alden

The new speed limits will be effective when the new signs are posted.

A number of other area highways had their limits raised to 60 mph over the last two years.

The increases are based on a traffic and engineering investigation of each highway, which looks at past crash history, physical attributes of the highway such as shoulder widths and access points, and what speed drivers are currently driving.

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Photo credit: Ron Miguel/Flickr.

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