State Cites Mankato Child Care Provider for Serving Almond Milk

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(North Mankato, MN) – A local day care provider has been cited by the Minnesota Department of Human Services for serving almond milk to a child, who is not lactose intolerant.

According to the Correction Order, the North Mankato-based provider violated Minnesota child care rules because its “meals did not provide one-third of the child’s daily nutritional needs.”

DHS says “It was determined…that a child without allergies or a prescribed diet received almond milk instead of milk. Almond milk does not comply with the nutritional requirements of the USDA.”

The North Mankato day care provider has been ordered to “Correct immediately and submit written documentation within 30 days…detailing how compliance has been achieved and will be maintained in the future.”

Burdensome regulations have been cited by child care providers across southern Minnesota as one reason people are leaving the profession.

According to the Center for Rural Policy and Development, there’s currently a shortage of nearly 9,000 child care slots in a 20 county region from south central to southeast Minnesota.

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