Stripper Sues Mettler’s Over Wages, Alleged Sexual Harassment

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(Mankato, MN) – A former dancer at Mettler’s is suing the Mankato strip club, alleging wrongful pay practices and sexual harassment.

In the civil filing in Blue Earth County, Brandi Campbell says she made about five reports of unwelcome sexual harassment, including sexual touching by customers and co-workers, but that Mettler’s did not take prompt or effective remedial action.

Campbell also claims that while she and other strippers were classified as independent contractors and never received wages, they should’ve been paid employees, because Mettler’s exercised a significant amount of control over the dancers, including their hiring, firing, work schedules and grooming.

She also says dancers had to pay Mettler’s a house fee for every shift and they were required to share tips with others. That included employees who do not regularly receive tips, even though Mettler’s allegedly didn’t provide its dancers with notice of the tip credit provision.

Campbell is seeking class action status for the suit to cover the roughly 100 other strippers who also worked at Mettler’s during the time that she did, between September 2016 and February 2017.

Campbell has filed similar suits or complaints against other clubs in her push for stripper labor rights.

SMT contacted Mettler’s for a response to the suit, but management did not comment.

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Photo via @StripperRights/Twitter. Graphic via Pixabay.

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