Missing Mankato Woman Found Safe in Iowa

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    (Mankato, MN) – The young woman who went missing from Mankato more than two weeks ago has been found safe in Iowa.

    Authorities say 19-year-old Morgan Stolee was located Friday night by police in West Des Moines and reunited with family. Stolee was with two friends and all were safe and in no danger.

    Sources say that the three had run out of cash, so Stolee had used her debit card in Nebraska and that helped authorities track them down. The three were still wearing the same clothes that they had on when they took off 16 days earlier.

    Stolee, a student at MSU-Mankato, had gone missing on February 7th after abruptly leaving her job.

    Stolee is an adult, but police wanted to make sure that she was safe, since this behavior is not typical for her.

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