Married Iowa State Senator Resigns After Video of Bar Kiss with Lobbyist

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(Des Moines, IA) – A top Iowa lawmaker has resigned after a video taken at a bar in Des Moines seems to show him kissing a lobbyist.

The resignation of Majority Leader and GOP State Senator Bill Dix became effective at 2:00pm Monday, just hours after the video was posted on the political website Iowa Stating Line.

Iowa Senate Democratic Leader Janet Petersen says because of the involvement of a lobbyist, there will be questions about the impact of this relationship on legislation.

The kiss in the video below (taken at Waveland Tap), which was obtained by Iowa Starting Line, begins at :45 seconds.

Dix is a pumpkin farmer from Shell Rock, and is married and the father of three children.

Iowa Senate President Jack Whitver says the decision by Dix to resign was the right move for himself, his district and his family.

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