Toxic Gasses Cited in Deaths of Iowa Family in Mexico

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(Creston, IA) – Toxic gasses have been cited for the deaths of an Iowa family of four in Mexcio.

Authorities in Mexico say that autopsies found that the Sharps suffocated after inhaling toxic gases. They had been dead for about two days before their bodies were discovered. More information is expected later.

The type of gas has not yet been determined, but photos showed firefighters wearing masks while checking a gas stove in the rental condominium where they were staying.

According to the Creston (Iowa) Police Department, family members reported the family as missing on Friday after they failed to return as expected earlier in the week.

Officers made contact with the U.S. State Department and a welfare check was then conducted at their condo near Tulum, Mexico. During the check, the bodies of 41-year-old Kevin Sharp and his 38-year-old wife Ann, along with their two children 12-year-old Sterling and seven-year-old Adrianna, were found.

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