Truman Man Pleads Guilty for Assaulting Man with MS in North Mankato Parking Dispute

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(North Mankato, MN) – A 42-year-old man from Truman has pleaded guilty for punching a man with multiple sclerosis in a dispute over a handicapped parking spot.

Bill Lundin will be sentenced for 3rd Degree Assault on October 30th.

According to police, Lundin parked in a handicapped spot at a convenience store in North Mankato on November 10, 2017. A man with MS pulled up behind Lundin’s car and rolled down his van window and told Lundin not to park there. Lundin then allegedly got out of his vehicle, told the victim to “mind his own business” and hit him in the mouth.

The responding officer found the victim bleeding heavily from the mouth and arranged for him to be brought to the hospital.  The victim had part of his lip torn off and needed seven stitches to reattach it.

When Lundin was questioned, he said he “accidentally” parked in the handicapped spot, and hit the victim after the victim swung at him first, but missed.

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