Vero’s Tacos Opening Next Month in North Mankato

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(North Mankato, MN) -Workers and residents in upper North Mankato will soon have a new restaurant option, serving up a taste of Tex-Mex.

Vero’s Tacos is setting up shop in the strip mall by Kwik Trip on Commerce Drive, taking the location that formerly housed the Cross Roads Neighborhood Grill and Bar.

Owner Veronica Alvarado says they hope to open the doors to customers in early May, but that’s dependent on inspections and other red tape they need to cut through first.

Alvarado says their menu will be expanded with more meat and side options compared to their current location near MSU. She also says that they’re in the process of getting a wine and beer license for the new restaurant and down the road, they will likely seek to be licensed for hard liquor as well.

Being able to serve mixed drinks goes along with plans to have an open dance floor on weekend nights with a limited menu, after normal dinner hours.

Alvarado says she decided to open in the Commerce Drive location because the current spot near MSU, which opened late last year, has been hard for folks to find and has very limited parking (just 5 spots for her, staff and customers).

Still, she says the Bunting Lane location has proved popular with students and faculty so they plan to keep it open at least part-time through the duration of their lease. Once the lease is up, in about another year and a half, they’ll reassess the situation.

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