Vet Bills Piling Up After Brown County Dogs Get Loose, Shot by Farmer

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(Hanska, MN) – A fundraiser has been set up for a Hanska family whose dogs, Red and Taz, were allegedly shot by a farmer.

According to Courtney Elizabeth, the dogs got out on Friday and both were later found with bullet wounds. She says that her boyfriend and a member of the sheriff’s department went to the farmer’s place, but she was told that since the dogs were loose on his property, he didn’t break any laws.

Both dogs were shot multiple times. Red has had surgery and is now recovering, while Taz will need its leg amputated in order to be saved. That procedure is scheduled for Tuesday.

Elizabeth says she understands that it may be annoying for others that the dogs got out, but “that doesn’t give anyone a right to hurt them” and the person could have just scared them away.

The total cost for the veterinary bills is expected to be around $3,000. As of Saturday morning, a fundraiser on GoFundMe to help defray those expenses had raised just over $1,000.

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