VIDEO: Foxy McFoxFace? Eagle Lake Looks to Name Frequent Furry Friend

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(Eagle Lake, MN) – The red fox that’s been roaming the streets and backyards of Eagle Lake in recent weeks has gained quite a following and now people are looking to give it a name.

Among the suggestions thus far: Lil Sebastian, Count Foxula, Todd, Sneaky Pete, Red, Cousin Eddie and Foxy McFoxFace.

Since #FoxWatch2018 began, it’s been spotted all over town, with reports from Blace Ave, Owl Lane, Linda Path, Perry Street, Diane Drive, Maywood Ave, James Court and more.

Recently, the fox was also seen wandering around outside of Eagle Lake City Hall, leading some to suggest a run for mayor.

SMT was able to reach the fox for comment, and while it said holding office would be an honor, it also noted that politics can be a dirty game. “I’ll have to pass because I just have too many skeletons in my closet. Although, that’s mainly the bones of the mice, rabbits and birds that I’ve been finding for dinner during my jaunts through town.”

And while the regular appearances have delighted many around Eagle Lake, residents are urged to enjoy the view, but keep their distance and not bother the wild animal.

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Video provided by Briana Mitchell.

Photo via Joe Cadorette.

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