Without a Trace: Autistic Teen Goes Missing in Northern Iowa

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The parents of 16-year-old Jake Wilson, who’s autistic, say he went for a walk to a nearby creek Saturday night and failed to return home.

“At this point, we still have no good lead…no strong information that drives us in a particular direction,” said Black Hawk County Sheriff Tony Thompson. “So, we’re still canvassing in a very large scope and a very wide net.”

The wintery weather has added to a sense of urgency in the case. The first night that Wilson went missing was 13 degrees and Sunday night there was a blanket of snow.

In addition to a search of the creek, volunteers are also fanning out in fields and wooded areas with ATVs and snowmobiles.

Sheriff Thompson said there’s no evidence yet to indicate foul play or that this might be a criminal case.

Story provided to SMT by RadioIowa.

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