Worker Accused of Abusing Woman, 93, at New Ulm Assisted Living Facility

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(New Ulm, MN) – A 33-year-old worker at a New Ulm assisted living facility stands accused of abusing one of her elderly patients.

Jennifer Kay Meinzer is charged with criminal abuse and criminal neglect, by the caregiver of a vulnerable adult.

According to the complaint, New Ulm Police were called to Woodstone Senior Living in January. It’s alleged that when a 93-year-old woman with dementia asked for help in going to the bathroom, Meinzer grabbed her and pushed her into a wheelchair in “a very rough manner.”

As Meinzer pushed the wheelchair, the woman’s feet were being pulled under the chair and Meinzer allegedly told her that either she pick up her feet or they’ll get broken off.

Once at the bathroom, Meinzer allegedly told the elderly woman to get herself onto the toilet, which she was unable to do – so Meinzer grabbed her and pushed her to the toilet, causing the patient to hit her head on the wall.

A witness says the victim asked several times why Meinzer was hurting her and that Meinzer was red in the face and appeared very angry.

Meinzer no longer works at Woodstone.

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